"We are all meant to shine.

It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone "

Luke's Lads Mental Health Support

Elliot Gorman


My name is Elliot Gorman and I was best friends with Luke Naylor – the inspiration for this group. Luke took his own life earlier this year after a battle with mental ill health. Our aim for this group is to give males a safe place to express their feelings, get active and help promote physical and mental wellbeing. For someone like myself, who has experienced mental health issues, this is something I am committed to and passionate about. I hope that by sharing my experience, it will give at least one person the confidence, with support, to confront how they are feeling, not bottle things up and know that it’s OK not to be OK. 
We, as a group, alongside Luke’s family are completely overwhelmed with the support we have received over the past month and it has truly confirmed to us that what we are doing is not only right, but absolutely essential. All money raised will ensure that the sessions remain free and beneficial to anyone attending. One last thing from me; I look forward to seeing everyone at the sessions. Booking your place took courage and you should all be so proud of yourselves.

Jim Johnson


Hi my name is Jim and I'm a Personal Trainer. I approached Luke's lads after I heard about their cause and I thought I have to be a part of this!

I've suffered from depression and anxiety in the past and I know how crippling it can be. I also know how valuable support and exercise is when dealing with mental health issues

Luke's Lads resonated with me so much and I know that what they do can be life-changing. So if you're battling demons, #dontbottleitup and come join us!

Liam Crossley


Hi - I am Liam, one of the PT's for Luke's Lads and have 10 years as a nutrition and biomechanics specialist,

I am also a level 3 personal trainer
and top amateur UK bodybuilder.


'I have competed at a high standard for the past 4 years.
I have an extensive client base, ranging from everyday people to competitive athletes.
I love working with new people all the time. I find it very rewarding to see the progress and success of my clients and others I help coach.'

Reasons for joining the Lukes Lads’ team? Honestly, curiosity. Not in the sense to be nosey, more so to know what it mental health feels like to others. We are all affected in different ways when it comes to mental health. My curiosity was see what I could personally offer these gents through my profession and life experience.

It is a very rewarding position to be in to these guys progress not only physically but mentally. Truly inspiring for me to see them develop week by week.



Luke's Lads Menal Health Support

Rachel Walmsley


Rachel is a qualified Fitness Instructor and dance teacher who has over 25 years of experience working with groups of all abilities. She assesses fitness levels and produces specific workout plans for all abilities as well as holding Mental Health First Aid and ASIST (Assured Suicide Intervention Skills Training) qualifications.


Rebecca O'Gorman


Bex has a vast experience of working with vulnerable children and adults with complex needs. She is a qualified drug and alcohol counsellor as well as holding multiple qualifications in behavioural difficulties and has worked within this field for the majority of
her career. Bex is also Mental Health First Aid and ASIST trained.

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